Haynes Corporate Branding Update


We’re feeling as proud as punch here at ID Cubed and – as they say – if you don’t blow your own trumpet, no one else will do it for you! Our digital agency was honoured with the responsibility of updating the Haynes Group’s iconic logo and creating their new brand guidelines.

For lots of people across the world, the red and yellow design that sits in the top right-hand corner of a manual holds a special place in their hearts. It’s become a beacon for a brand that exudes authority and trustworthiness, with Haynes’ manuals remaining the go-to guide for many – from DIY enthusiasts and professional garage mechanics to avid football fans and guitar players.

However, the logo, which had stood unchanged for the duration of the company’s 56-year history, was in danger of making Haynes appear disconnected with the digital age.

Haynes’ executive chairman J Haynes recognised this and embarked on updating the logo so that it sits more comfortably on portable electronic devices. After all, you’re now just as likely to view a Haynes manual online as you are pick one up from a physical store.

With that, the decision was made to remove book artwork from the centre of the logo, as it didn’t reflect that Haynes now offers information in a variety of formats.

The logo is now also used as an icon on the home screen of a mobile phone, which influenced the introduction of curved corners, softening the square design.

We also felt that the wreath that cups the brand name became somewhat indistinguishable when used at smaller sizes – on a mobile, for example – so we set about simplifying it to ensure that it retained its clarity even on a four-inch screen.

Finally, the text size has been boosted, with a white outline placed around each letter to help it stand out.

The new logo is undeniably Haynes, but we think it brings the brand bang up to date, as it goes about keeping its business going through the generations.

We have also gone on to produce new sub-identities for Haynes divisions: Haynes Publishing Group and Haynes OnDemand, and have produced detailed brand guidelines to bring all elements together.

On completion of the project, J said:

“I believe the design subtly communicates an exciting new phase for Haynes, while reflecting the visual elements of our original iconic logo and simultaneously respecting the brand trust that consumers have in the Haynes brand name.”

We’re looking forward to working with Haynes on more exciting projects in the future!

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