Haynes Corporate Branding Update


In 1950, 17-year-old schoolboy John Haynes persuaded his headmaster to allow him to skip rugby lessons so that he could convert his £15 Austin 7 saloon into a much coveted 750 ‘Special’. His booklet about the project – ‘Building a 750 Special’ – sold out in just 10 days and since then, the iconic Haynes Owners’ Workshop manuals have become the go-to repair manuals for millions of do-it-yourself car mechanics across the world.

As a brand, Haynes has become synonymous with quality, competence and expertise. Here at ID³, we’re proud to have acted as Haynes Publishing Group PLC’s digital marketing agency for the past seven years and it’s a job we love (admittedly, it helps that we’re pretty interested in motors ourselves!). In recent years, we’ve focused additional attention on the company’s pay-per-click (PPC) and have some really exciting results to report.

Our relationship with Haynes has been a longstanding one. Having been initially entrusted with the launch the company’s social media channels, we went on to execute the rebranding of Haynes Publishing Group PLC and then designed and managed Haynes’ first email marketing campaign (including monthly newsletters and regular e-shots). In 2015, the company turned its attention to PPC, a form of internet marketing which involves advertisers paying a fee every time one of their ads is clicked on. By focusing on keywords relevant to the Haynes business and manuals, the aim was to use PPC as an effective way of driving quality website traffic, whilst at the same time ensuring high page rank and brand exposure.

Turning our attention first to Haynes UK, our brief was simple: to drive sales of Haynes Manuals to users looking to repair, maintain or restore their vehicles. We began by creating a bespoke Google Ads account from the ground up, launching campaigns which focused on everything from a VW Golf to a Ford Mustang, an S-Class Mercedes to a Dodge pick-up truck. 

On the back of that initial success, we were asked to extend the company’s PPC campaigns to the wider group and in December 2017, we took over management of the Haynes USA Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as Google Ads and Bing Ads for Haynes Australia, Chilton USA and last but not least, Clymer.

It’s a high value set of accounts but it’s the kind of challenge that we here at ID³ take in our stride. Running multiple PPC campaigns for such a large, international corporation requires expertise, dynamic PPC strategies and an in depth knowledge of Google and Bing Ads’ platforms, something the ID³ team pride itself on being able to deliver on a daily basis.

As well as the initial setup, we monitor each PPC campaign on almost a daily basis and are constantly evolving and streamlining each campaign, testing new ideas and working closely with Google and Bing strategists to ensure constant account optimisation. This continual monitoring and evolution allows us to deliver monthly reporting on a granular level – something which is extremely valuable to Haynes.

The results? Following our hard work, Haynes UK has experienced exponential growth, with ROAS well above the industry average. Haynes USA has seen a 300% increase in revenue and profit year on year (June 2018 vs 2019), while Haynes Aus has reaped the benefits of an even more impressive 440% increase. In the words of Andrew Golby, Global Digital Director, Haynes Publishing Group PLC:

“Since taking control of the Haynes (UK) Google Adwords campaign in 2015, Mark and the team at at ID³ have consistently delivered outstanding results in terms of driving relevant and high quality traffic to the Haynes’ website. From the outset, the campaigns evolved extensively and they now contribute to a large proportion of the e-commerce revenue at an on-target ROI. In 2018, off the back of previous successes and a strong and trusting relationship, we engaged ID³ to take over full management of the high value US and Australian PPC campaigns for Haynes, Clymer and Chilton. Impressive results have been recorded thus far!”

The cumulative effect for Haynes is that paid search is now the number one driver of website sales globally. It’s all a far cry from the company’s early days, when 17-year-John published his very first pamphlet all about the Austin 7 Special. Today, PPC plays a crucial role in the continued success of the Haynes group, and we’re excited to see where the next chapter in this current journey will take them.

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