Haynes YouTube Advertising Animation

Our newest brand animation for Haynes

Haynes Publishing Group PLC is one of the most highly recognised automotive publishing brands in the world. They’re also one of ID³’s longest standing clients, so when they came to us looking for a fun and innovative new way to drive more traffic to their website, our team of creatives couldn’t wait to get started. Find out how our talented animators combined their skill and expertise to create a winning animation…

Haynes first approached us back in September 2019 looking for a fresh and exciting new way to engage online users, promote sales of their highly-respected car manuals and boost traffic to their website. Having previously worked on the company’s successful rebrand and launched Haynes’ social media channels and email marketing campaigns, our team already had a solid understanding of the iconic Haynes’ brand and its associations with quality, competence and expertise. Our pay-per-click (PPC) gurus have more recently been focusing on Haynes’ global PPC campaigns; now it was the turn of our skilled creatives team to bring their combined experience to the fore.

The focus from the outset was YouTube. The platform currently has over 2 billion monthly users – that’s almost a third of all people on the internet – making it the second most visited site after Google. On top of that, visual content, whether that’s real-life videos, animations or memes and gifs, is now one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing around, regularly credited by some of the largest global brands with boosting their online engagement and influencing purchasing decisions. We knew that existing traffic coming from YouTube to the Haynes’ website was already good amongst users searching for car repair videos. We just needed to come up with a winning plan to boost that traffic, drive brand awareness and improve sales.

Brand animations are the latest most effective way to capitalise on the power of video content. They allow complex, information-rich messages to be conveyed in a fun, readily digestible way. If they’re not already part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy, then check out our recent blog piece explaining why they really should be.

Provided they’re on brand, carefully curated and have a compelling call-to-action, brand animations can really pack a punch with your target audiences. After a spot of housekeeping, including restructuring the existing Haynes’ YouTube content so that it was presented in a more user-friendly way, our animation team set to work. The brief was to create a hard-working, brand-building Haynes’ animation, something that would draw on the long-standing heritage of the Haynes’ brand and at the same time, capture the imagination of YouTubers about to watch a car repair video and redirect them towards buying a Haynes’ manual on the Haynes’ website.

With a solid understanding of the animation’s overall concept, our creatives team came up with a script that would convey Haynes’ key message. After a comprehensive storyboard was agreed, our skilled animations team brought to life a brand new Haynes’ character: a likeable, friendly car maintenance repair man, affectionately known as ‘Terry Teardown’.

Voiceover and music came next; three YouTube videos of between 6 and 30 seconds long were made and although the preliminary roll-out was aimed at the Haynes’ US market, versions of the animation with a UK voice over were also created in readiness for a future launch in this country. One of the advantages of animations is its adaptability and the ease in which content, including audio, can be shortened, changed and swapped out to suit different countries and even regions, and so our experienced animations team ensured they capitalised on this in the initial design stages.

Terry Teardown was first introduced to US YouTubers in November 2019. Testing is well underway via several campaigns to see what what works best but initial results are impressive in driving brand awareness and engagements, with 19% of YouTubers, for example, who view the 30-second Haynes’ animation watching the animation in full right to the end. Haynes is also working with various prominent influencers within the US automotive industry who have their own YouTube channel. The overall result? A huge shift in Haynes’ brand awareness amongst a very targeted audience, and a whole new source of engagement for Haynes. The average engagement rate is currently sitting at around 36% which is way beyond the benchmark, and Haynes, of course, are delighted.

On the back of this initial success, Haynes US decided to bring Terry Teardown along to AAPEX, a huge international exhibition for the automotive industry held in Las Vegas last year. Full-sized graphics of Terry were created for the Haynes’ exhibit stand at the show. The feedback received was excellent, with Terry undoubtedly the star of the show, further strengthening Haynes’ brand awareness and engagement in another new, very targeted way.

Haynes Terry on Creeper for Branded Animation Case Study

We’re excited to see just where Terry will go next in what is undoubtedly an innovative new chapter for the Haynes’ portfolio of companies. With the UK YouTube animation poised and ready to launch anytime soon, we suspect Australia will be next in line. Watch out world, Terry Teardown is coming….!

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