GP Batteries: Charge AnyWay Launch

The brief:

GP Batteries is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of consumer battery products. It is the largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in the world and has marketing and trading offices spanning across Asia, Europe and North America.

A pioneer in its field, GP Batteries prides itself on bringing innovative and exciting new products to the rechargeables market: just one of its ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries, for example, can replace 300 standard single use batteries and will last up to 7 times longer than a standard alkaline battery!

As the retained UK digital marketing agency for GP Batteries, we were briefed to assist with the launch of their most recent innovation, the Charge AnyWay a compact, 2-in-1 solution that can be used not just as a charger to recharge batteries, but also as a PowerBank to boost USB devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

To coincide with the launch, we were asked to devise a comprehensive, multi-channel digital marketing plan to promote the new Charge AnyWay as a convenient, adaptable and portable power solution. The ultimate goal was to drive awareness of the GP Batteries brand, change existing pre-conceptions about rechargeable batteries and, ideally, to get people to make the switch to rechargeables.

Our response:

We first created an animation that portrayed all the key elements of the Charge AnyWay device, focusing in particular on its dual functionality as an instant PowerBank and as a portable USB battery charger. A key selling point was that the device was compact, lithium-free (meaning that it could be placed in both hand luggage and in the hold during air travel) and, of course, environmentally friendly. 

We also crafted three live action videos that illustrated how the innovative Charge AnyWay could help in everyday situations, both at home and out and about, with the clear message, “Always putting you in charge”. The videos were broadcast via GP Batteries’ popular social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as via its own blog, and were also placed as advertisements on Facebook and YouTube to drive visibility and awareness amongst the target audience. 

We launched an influencer campaign, working closely alongside authoritative technology reviewers to increase brand awareness, build an audience for the Charge AnyWay and help boost sales.

GP CAW Influencers

To support the videos, we also produced four editorial pieces for GP Batteries’ own blog, as well as an infographic highlighting all of the features and benefits of the Charge AnyWay. 

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