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When evaluating how an organisation ranks in terms of specific search terms (or Keywords), search engines such as Google take into consideration more than 200 individual onsite and offsite factors. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services help to ensure that a website ticks all of these assessed factors in order to become more visible and maximise the potential rank that these terms have in a search engines ‘organic’ results page.

SEO forms a critical part of today’s digital marketing mix and at ID³, it’s front of mind in everything we do. For new / refreshed web design projects, critical success keywords are researched and identified and then benchmarked in terms of their current Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rank. It’s essential to understand which keywords are performing well and which need greater focus. Once this knowledge is gleaned, the architecture and content of the site can be defined in order to ensure correct optimisation from the outset. Although superior design and user experience are incredibly important, for us SEO leads the charge by ensuring relevant, high quality users can actually find and visit the website.

With established websites, for both new and existing clients, we utilise some of the most advanced SEO Agency software in the market. This generates detailed information which can then be analysed by our team of experts. A comprehensive list of recommendations, prioritised in order of importance, is then produced. This highly valuable report outlines individual opportunities for how the website can be optimised to improve it’s SERP rank. It can then, of course, be tailored to suit our clients’ individual budgets.


With search engine algorithms frequently changing the game (e.g. Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird), it’s critical for today’s forward thinking businesses to pay close attention to the latest SEO techniques and evolve accordingly. As an SEO agency we provide all the services required – friendly, jargon-free guidance for optimising websites, training on best-practices and ongoing management, performance reporting and recommendation.

We’re very proud to have achieved some superb results for some of the finest businesses in Bath, Wiltshire and the South West and whether you’re launching a new website or need professional guidance for your existing site, we’d love to hear from you.

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