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Introducing our new client… GP Batteries

These past few months have been a whirlwind for ID³, what with us moving our offices to the beautiful Bradford-on-Avon, and more recently welcoming Emma to the team as our new Digital Projects Manager.

Now we have some more exciting news to share with you: we’re delighted to announce that, following a competitive tender, we’ve been appointed UK digital marketing agency for GP Batteries.

Who are GP Batteries?

GP is a multinational company that’s been designing and manufacturing batteries for over 50 years, with its products sold in countries all over the world. It’s one of – if not the – biggest battery provider in Asia, and produces a whopping four billion batteries a year!

But batteries aren’t GP’s only products. The company boasts an impressive repertoire of top-quality products, from chargers and power banks, to powerful torches and outdoor sensor lights.

A green outlook

We’re thrilled to be partnering with GP, not just because its products are some of the best on the market, but because, for a big-name brand, it has strong values and ethics when it comes to the environment.

GP’s recent push has been all-things-reusable, encouraging customers to opt for rechargeable batteries in a bid to reduce landfill waste and, in turn, our impact on the environment. This is something we hold close to our hearts too, which is why we’re extra keen to help GP promote its environmentally-friendly products.

Our role

GP has entrusted us with a whole range of marketing activities, which we’ve begun sinking our teeth into: we’ve taken control of the brand’s new UK social channels – including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – where we run regular, exciting competitions and share insightful blog posts that we craft in-house. Our design team are also working on various videos – both animated and true-shot – and fun infographics to support GP’s written content.

James Tuck, GP’s UK marketing manager, said: “GP may not currently be the first battery brand you think of here in the UK, but we are determined to change that, and spread the good word about our fantastic company and its world-class products.”

Our director here at ID³, Mark Cherry, has commented: “We want GP to be first choice for buying batteries online for customers in the UK. Its products really are top-quality and we hope that, by boosting its UK digital presence, more people will start reaping the benefits of switching to GP.”

If you think your business could benefit by handing over some digital marketing activities to a skilled, experienced agency, ring Mark today at ID³ on 01225 866416 or email:

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