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Bing it on! Why there’s more to PPC than AdWords

The giant that is Google has long dominated the search engine market, with its global share standing at an impressive 77.82% as of December 2016. Accounting for a huge slice of the search engine pie, it’s little surprise that Google AdWords is the go-to network for businesses eager to bolster rankings and boost their online presence.

But bigger doesn’t always mean better. And in fact, for smaller businesses, AdWords may not offer the most valuable solution. Its popularity means competition is piping hot, with big brands (and their big budgets) driving up costs and putting increased pressure on the little guys.

Your Google AdWords campaign is ticking along, but it’s possible that you could be enjoying higher traffic and more conversions through other PPC solutions. I’ll use a case in point: Bing Ads, AKA Microsoft’s answer to AdWords.

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5 digital marketing trends for 2017

Future gazing: 5 digital marketing trends for 2017

It’s that time of year again when digital marketers around the globe are dusting off their crystal balls to create some predictions about the coming year. In this fast-paced industry, change is the only constant, and allowing your business to rest on its laurels when it comes to its digital marketing strategy could prove to be a recipe for disaster. So, whether you’re looking to boost your social media success, work on your web design, kick your content into gear or choose d) all of the above, I’ve pulled together a few of the top digital marketing trends predicted for 2017 to give you a bit of guidance on where you should be focusing.

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PPC Campaign Dial for CTR

Is your PPC campaign suffering from SAD?

It’s that time of year when the days get darker, the nights longer, and we all start to feel a little bit peaky; but don’t let that bring down your PPC advertising efforts!

With Google having recently announced some important new updates and products for AdWords, if PPC campaigns are part of your marketing strategy then you need to sit up and take note – and implement change where necessary.

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