Introducing our Newest Client… Coppins Jewellers

The team here at ID Cubed take enormous pride in helping local companies to get their name out there and reach new audiences. These companies all have fantastic products and business models; they just need some support when it comes to their digital efforts.

So, as you can imagine, we were extremely happy when we were recently started work for Coppins, an independent jewellers based in the beautiful town of Corsham. Coppins is a family-run business that’s been designing and making exquisite pieces of jewellery for over 30 years.

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ID Cubed Office BOA

ID³ has Moved Office!

As we move into what is hopefully the beginning of a long, hot summer, here at ID³ we’re in the midst of a new start of our own…

As a result of our continuing growth, ever-expanding team and future development plans, it naturally got to a point where we needed a bigger office. So, last week, the time came for us to pack our bags and move to our new space in none other than the picture-postcard town of Bradford-on-Avon.

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reasons to use a digital agency

Leaving the house: 4 reasons to use a digital agency

It’s not a bad thing to be precious about your business. It’s your baby, after all – you poured your heart and soul (not to mention money) into establishing it, and building it up into the reputable brand it is today.

So when it comes to digital marketing, you might think it’s best to keep things in-house. After all, no one knows your business’ vision and goals more than your tight-knit team. But it could pay off to loosen those reins a little by entrusting a well-respected digital agency to master the marketing of your brand.

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Mobile first indexing

The move to mobile: optimisation and Google’s mobile first indexing

We are currently in the midst of a mobile boom. The growth of high speed mobile networks, coupled with an influx of powerful devices hitting the market, saw mobile and tablet internet usage exceed desktop for the first time globally last year.

The move to mobile first indexing was inevitable; portable devices offer a convenience unmatched by their static counterpart. In our busy day-to-day lives, we demand anytime and anywhere internet access – and mobile devices satisfy that need. Read more