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Fab Start to 2019 Welcoming TWO New Digital Marketing Clients

Last day of January (yay!) and what a great start to the year it’s been. Record breaking performances / ROI reported at the start of Jan for client marketing campaigns delivered over the Xmas period, lots of exciting and varied projects on the go PLUS the welcome addition of two new clients… Read more

Instagram Stories

How to use Instagram Stories to stand out

Instagram posts starting to seem a little monotonous? Struggling to be seen amid all that competition? It’s just over two years since the launch of Instagram Stories, and judging by the stats, it’s been a huge success. Of the 500 million plus active users on Instagram every day, 400 million of those use Instagram Stories, a number that is growing by the second. Is it part of your digital marketing strategy? Inject new life into your Insta account with our guide on how to use Instagram Stories to stand out…

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Guide to hashtag on instagram

Our Guide to hashtags on Instagram

Want to increase your Instagram followers but no idea where to start? With over 500 million active users on Instagram every day, you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal if you want to stand out from the crowd. One of the most important tools in the digital marketing box is hashtags. And with Instagrammers now able to follow specific hashtags – whether that’s #digitalmarketing#unicorns or anything in between – it’s even more important to find those killer tags and ensure you get your content in front of people, even if they don’t follow you already. But which hashtags to use, how often, how many and where do you include them on your post? Follow our top 10 tips for success…

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Conceptual Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm change: how to make it work for you

Back in January, Facebook announced an algorithm change which, in the words of the site’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, was designed to “bring people closer together and build relationships”. No more news feeds dominated by professionally made content from brands, corporates and the media. Instead, posts from friends and family would take priority, leaving those that prompted passive interactions only – likes and shares, for example, but little else – trailing at the bottom of the Facebook news feed pile.

Over two months later, and how has Facebook’s algorithm change affected the way we post online? What should we be concentrating on and, most importantly, how can we adapt our social media strategies to ensure our Facebook posts are still being seen by our relevant target audience? Read on for our top five tips on how to make Facebook’s new algorithm work for you…

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